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We are a 5th generation family farm of 6,500 harvestable acres located in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon. We specialize in the quality production of forage and turf grass seed as well as hazelnuts.


We have an expanded customer base that has us shipping products all over the US and most of Asia. You can find our grass seed on a lawn in Tennessee or on a golf course in Japan. Our wheat is enjoyed in the noodles sold in China & Korea, and our straw and oats can be found being fed to cattle almost anywhere in Asia. You may also find our hazelnuts at your local grocer covered in chocolate or used to flavor your next cup of coffee.


We grow many cover crops and specialty grasses for seed in our rotation including: tillage radish, clover, spring oats, vetch, mustard, barley, cereal rye and other forage specialty seed crops. These cover crops help to mitigate erosion and improve soil structure for other growers across the country. 


We care about conservation and sustainability. We are constantly using innovative methods to improve our land and leave it better than we found it. Whether it's our 200 acres of restored wildlife habitat, our continuous no-till rotation and integrated pest management methods, or planting of local native trees around our farm. We take care and respect the land that provides for us and our customers.

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